Bad Real Estate Photos

When I went to sell my house, I read Scott Hargis’ book The Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors. I believe my house sold quickly because I took the photos instead of the realtor, and I used many of the tips and techniques Scott mentions in his book.

As with any learning process it is good to see the bad as well as the good or great! In steps the website Bad MLS Photos. I was amazed at just how bad some of these photos were. If you are feeling a little down on your own photographic work, maybe it will give you that boost you need to see how BAD, bad can be!

Cheap Alarm for Your Camera Bag

Voltage Valet

I have some photography travel coming up in a few months and I have started to look at security solutions for my camera and computer gear.  After a quick search I found the very affordable Voltage Valet Cable Alarm.

This slightly bulky device allows you to lock anything that will fit around the adjustable cable and will either alarm on a cut cable or if the object is moved.  I plan on using the lock in the hotel room as well as on the go when stopping for food, or when I just need to set my bag down.

I got my off of eBay for $9.95 with free shipping which  seems to be the going rate (Amazon

So far the device seems to work as promised but I have not used it long enough to list the pros and cons.





Use Adobe Camera Raw on Layers in Photoshop CS6

I hear that Photoshop CC now has Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) as a filter within Photoshop.  Sometimes things are just easier to do in ACR, clarity for example.  Drag this, drag that, slide this one over and boom, my image looks great!  However, I am not one of the cool kids with CC, I have CS6, so what am I to do?   Thanks to Russell Brown’s efforts, we now have an ACR extension of CS6.   I installed it and it works as expected.  Great job Mr. Brown!

Scroll down and look for “Edit Layers in ACR 1.1.8″   Also, watch the video to get it setup.  He walks you through the process except for the initial install, which is simple.  Remove the file from the zip and double-click it.  The Adobe Extension Manager will launch and prompt you for the installation.