Focus stacking with Gimp

This is the logo from GIMP (free Software). It...

This is the logo from GIMP (free Software). It’s from and was licensed as PublicDomain there. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Update – Not GIMP, but an excellent tutorial written by Pat David on using open source tools (Enfuse and Hugin image align) on Windows to focus stack!

A quick video on YouTube to get you started with focus stacking in Gimp. If you are new to focus stacking, it is a method by which you can increase your DOF by taking multiple exposures, each focused on the “next” section of the image (front to back), and combine them into one “in-focus” photo. Works wonders for macro photography.

A GIMP plugin for image alignment.

The video is not bad, but what you are really doing is blending two or more layers into one via masks.  Similar to this technique.

And similar to this HDR technique:

Also – some free software to combine the images –


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