Playing Catch Up Thanks to Joe McNally

English: Joe McNally presenting at Nikon Centr...

English: Joe McNally presenting at Nikon Centre, Kuala Lumpur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been playing catch-up since I got the D7000 back from Nikon.  So far, so go.   However, to be very honest, work and family life have been limiting my photography and NYIP study time.    I have unit 2 photos to complete and need to start working on the lighting materials.  Combine work, family, and school, with the fact I have been watching numerous videos from Joe McNally on Kelby Training and I have little to show in terms of photography work.  The distraction has been very educational and hence, why I don’t feel that bad about not getting much done.

Suffice it to say, I am very impressed with Joe McNally.  In an industry of seemingly strong personalities, Joe appears to be a gentleman, excellent teacher, and true mentor to those around him.  Kudos Mr. McNally!   Check out Joe’s blog at  and be sure to checkout all of his training videos at Kelby Training.  Very informative.   Oh, thanks for the month of Kelby training, Hope and Holly; it was a perfect Father’s Day gift!

– Stuart (hopping off the soapbox)


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