YN560-II Speedlite Review

My Flash. Shot with Iphone for inventory purposes. Velcro ready for some gels.

I purchased a number of products from Yongnuo in the past few months: original YN506, and the RF-602 wireless triggers.  The price, being China grade quality,  is low but surprisingly I have been happy with the quality.  I decided after buying a Vivitar 285 off eBay that I want to pickup another Yongnuo flash.  I wanted to cover the key, fill and background lighting that I was learning in school.  A quick search lead me to the new YN 560-II!  I have had this flash now for a few weeks and am very happy with the quality and recycle speed.  Certainly worth the $70+ I paid for it.   These flashes do not support TTL but are certainly worth the money for a manual flash.

DIY Photography Stuff released a review that, in my opinion, clearly describes the 560II and thoroughly discusses the pros and cons.



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