Do you backup online? 27 Online Backup Services Reviewed from

Disaster proof storage

Disaster proof storage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I currently backup to a removable USB hard drive.  Hence, I only have two copies, one on my internal hard drive and one on the external, and both are located in the same physical place.  Certainly not a wise backup solution.  I have recently added a second USB hard-drive, but I have not set it up yet with my backup software (SyncBack Freeware  I will have that working in the next few days.  However, I am still missing a key piece in the best of Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) solutions; remote, internet based, backup.

There are numerous services to choose from, but to make the selection process a little easier I found the following review of 27 online backup services on  Hope you find it helpful.  I have yet to select a service, but once I do, I will certainly share.





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