Portrait touch-up using Lightroom 4

Ugly, Broke & Sober album cover

Ugly, Broke & Sober album cover (Photo credit: Derek Nicoletto)

A few months back, I attended a very information CreativeLive class taught by Laura Show entitled Lightroom 4 Fundamentals.  The class was extremely helpful and certainly accelerated my Lightroom 4 skills to the point where I was able to successful use the application and produce the results I wanted.  One of the more interesting areas Laura covered was photo touch-up: skin smoothing, sharpening of the eyes, lip color, healing, and even teeth whitening.  I was really impressed by the power of Lightroom before seeing this, and now, knowing I would not have to launch Photoshop for some of these tasks, I was even more impressed.  Anyway, I really recommend you look at Laura’s training DVD’s.  However, if you can’t buy them, here are some very informative free options that can give your portraits that WOW factor!

These are all from the XposurePro website.

Eye Popping & Teeth Whitening in Lightroom 4

Skin Softening in Lightroom 4

Spot Healing in Lightroom 4

XposuePro is a great website make sure you bookmark it!


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