Travel Photography Tip

I recently had the pleasure to attend one of Scott Kelby’s Shoot Like A Pro seminars in Orlando, Fl. If you have never attended one, I highly recommend it. Well worth the $89 and the use of a vacation day from work.

Anyway, one of the tips that Scott recommended for travel photography was to scout the location. This can be done numerous ways, including using Google Maps in a first person view, which I have done many times. But the idea that really opened by eyes to the photo possibilities of locations I wanted to visit was researching the location on 500PX. That is the tip that really hit home for me. 500PX is an amazing photo site with images that will blow you away. The type of creativity that we all seek as photographers oozes from many of the photos. Learn from them, and don’t allow yourself to feel incapable of producing such images yourself.

Prepare yourself for your next trip by looking at the images of others and finding new locations or new ways to see old locations.


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