New YouTube Channel

I have succumb to the idea of creating a YouTube channel with the purpose of sharing tips, tricks and techniques on photography, lightroom, and photoshop.  I noticed that when I try to find something online I end up wading through a lot of long articles, long videos, and unrelated content to find the answer to my simple question.  Example “How to copy and paste into the SAME layer in Photoshop?”

Well, my channel’s main purpose is to provide quick tips without any fluff.  You don’t get an intro, you don’t get crappy music, you don’t get me typing the answer, you don’t get a lot of stuff you don’t need… no filler!  Just the answer!

Please check it out.  I will be adding more content over time.  Its rough around the edges, I know, but comments and ideas would be helpful!

Feeling a lack of creativity? Checkout these amazing Star Wars toy photos!

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films

English: Opening logo to the Star Wars films (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK, I am a Star Wars geek, enough said!   I love seeing amazing photos using simple items that you might find around the house, even if the house is that of a Star Wars geek. These very cool photos fit the bill.  I am humbled and also inspired by these works from Vesa Lehtimaki (flickr Avanaut).

Greek Tryant page

More on Vesa’s flickr site



WGN Interview – Fired photog details Sun-Times eliminating photojournalism staff

Great interview with Rob Hart on WGN radio. Rob Hart was one of the 27 photojournalist recently laid off from the Chicago Sun Times. His blog has become his personal project, showing his life has it changes due to his job loss.
WGN Interview

Rob Hart’s Tumblr page

Story behind lay-off